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A New Opportunity for Contact Center Agent Lucille Petersen

In February 2018, Zailab officially opened the doors of its community-run contact center in the impoverished community of Delft, located in Western Cape, South Africa.

The Zailab contact center was a year in the making and aims to provide much-needed training and employment to members of the community – many of whom rely on the contact center industry for employment and commute long distances to get to work.

Zailab partnered with Delft’s own Home of Compassion, run by Paster Charles George, to make the project a reality.

In this ZaiNews interview, Contact Center Agent Lucille Petersen explains the significance of the contact center to the community and reveals how it changed her life.


The Zailab contact center in Delft aims to provide valuable training to members of the community to empower them for a career in the contact center industry. The contact center is powered by Zailab’s cloud-based contact center solution.

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