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Our Most Recent and Exciting Solution Updates – July 2018

This weekend we unleashed an update that will significantly change the way you experience the Zailab contact center solution and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

Introducing no-downtime deployments

Thanks to our latest software update, users will now experience no downtime when we upgrade the system or implement new changes.

That’s right. No downtime. That means most updates will now take place without interrupting the system. In fact, you won’t even know they’re happening.

We can now implement bug fixes and new features in real time and manage a lot more smaller changes more frequently, ultimately translating to a much lower impact on the system.

So effective immediately, you can enjoy an effortless user experience without interruption. We’ll send out regular release updates when new features are available that you’ll be able to enjoy right away without interruption.

Coming soon

We can’t resist giving you a taste of what’s to come. If you thought the Zailab solution couldn’t get any better, think again. It can! And then some.


Coming to you soon in beta: your agents will be able to chat to your customers from your website. This feature will also be available from the contact card directly.

New and improved scoring

Our single waiting room is getting a power boost – we’re going to be updating our scoring algorithm for super-optimized client– agent matching.

Updated reporting

We’re making it easier and more user-friendly to access meaningful reports, plus we’ll also be catering for different time zones. Neat!

Watch this space for more exciting news on the software front or get in touch with our support team for more information about our solution’s new capabilities.