Customer insights
at your fingertips

Drive efficiency
with intelligence

Single Waiting Room

Intuitive Easy Setup

Optimize every role
in your organization


Obtain customer and lead context at your fingertips

Improve efficiency with a single ominichannel view

Provide customers with a consistent experience


Gain insight into your contact center with real-time data

Manage remote agents as easily as in-house staff

Give agents the support they need, when they need it


Set up and manage the system entirely by yourself

Provision your new agents quickly and easily

Optimize your setup according to business needs


Design quality-assurance scoring forms rapidly

Assess interaction quality easily and on the spot

Keep track of your agents’ performance over time


Build outbound campaigns with just a few clicks

Trace campaign performance with live statistics

Optimize future campaigns with detailed reporting

Meet your customers
on their channel of choice


Powerful features
to expand your operation

Intelligent IVR

Set routing priorities based on business value and make sure you handle your most important calls first.

Screen Recording

Keeps a record of what your agents are clicking on while speaking to your customers.

Call Back

Incorporate callbacks seamlessly into the platform’s smart-routing system.

Progressive Dialer

Automatically dials the next number on the list at the completion of a call.

API Call

Retrieve or update customer data in 3rd party applications using an API call inside your IVR.

Interaction Log

Access a list of all the interactions entering and leaving your center.

Pattern Menu

Use the dial pad to collect customer information while the customer is waiting to be served.

SFTP Upload

Upload customer details in bulk via Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Quality Assessment

Create quality assessments forms and assess agents based on calls.

Power Dialer

Automatically dials the next number and connects the agent to the call when someone answers.

Click-to-Dial API

Allows a number to be dialed through Zailab when clicked on in a 3rd party application.

Historical Reporting

Access past interaction data using a date range.

Text to Speech

Convert typed messages into spoken words automatically . A handy tool when setting up your IVR.

Call Flow Designer

Use the intuitive interface to rapidly create your IVRs and interaction flows.


Keep track of customer sentiment toward your agents and organization.

WFM Integration

Connect Zailab to your Workforce Management Platform to boost operational efficiencies.

Recording API

Allows Zailab call recording URLS to be accessed from 3rd party applications.

Live Reporting

See a to-the-minute breakdown of the interactions entering your center and completed work for the day

Voice Recording

Record your all customer conversations to be reference for compliance and training purposes.

Input Dialog Box

A small window that displays a message to the user or requests input.

Agent Management

See a to-the-minute breakdown of the interactions entering your center.

Speech Analytics

Use voice transcription and sentiment analysis to predict positive, negative or neutral interaction outcomes in real time.

Web Hooks

Send customer data to your 3rd party application on completion of an interaction.

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