zailab road trip

The Great Zailab US Roadshow

Watch the highlights from Zailab’s roadshow in the US, which forms part of the company’s global expansion. Our videographer was there to capture every moment.

In May Zailab took its cloud-based contact center solution to the streets – literally – by embarking on an epic road trip in the ZaiTruck from Florida to Nevada that culminated at Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas in June.

The ZaiTruck caused plenty of excitement when it dominated the Zailab stand at the Enterprise Connect expo in March this year. Now it was the public’s turn to be wowed by the larger-than-life 18-ton futuristic space vehicle.

‘We are in the business of starting and managing effective conversations between people, so why not do a roadshow to start conversations and connect with people who are in the industry?’ says our founder and CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub. ‘This roadshow is not only about us, but also a depiction of how the world has evolved into a virtual workplace.’

Our resident videographer was on hand to record the highlights of this incredible journey.


Watch the rest of the Zailab roadshow highlights on YouTube.