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Zailab Update – Get an Even Closer Look at Team Activity

In how-did-we-just-make-life-easier news, we just released some exciting updates to our Zailab platform, giving you greater insight into your contact center than ever before.

Interaction Log changes

Need to quickly check how many calls were abandoned by your agents?

Interaction outcomes are now visible on the tiles in the interaction log, plus the view of individual interactions has been updated to include their outcomes. So not only will you be able see your agent’s individual call outcome at a glance, you can filter all interactions by conversation outcome.

In addition, the system now differentiates between missed and abandoned calls. You will see that answered, received and sent interactions will be highlighted in green at the top of every interaction. Missed and abandoned interactions will be highlighted in red. Call-back, voicemail and forwarded calls will be highlighted in yellow.


Find out who’s available to take a call

Let’s say a call has come in that needs to be forwarded to another agent. We’ve added a Check Member Availability button on the contact card, allowing you to search for members and filter results based on certain criteria. This means you can search for available members of your organization from the contact card itself!


Find your members easily

A new Company Directory navigation button has been added to the home menu bar; it acts as a shortcut to the member view screen. Here, you will have a real-time view of individual members and their current activity – ie, on call, available, offline.

Read more about our most recent update here.