zailab team

Meet Team Zailab USA

Since the company’s official US launch in March, Zailab has welcomed on board some new faces – and we could not be more delighted.

In May we welcomed SVP of Sales Michael Cibelli and CFO Steve Bach.

Michael has more than 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing as well as business and strategy development in dynamic, highly-competitive environments while Steve has served as CFO for a number of renowned organizations.

The team only grew from there. In October we welcomed VP of Marketing Marya Dzmitruk and Channel Director Forrest Knueppel.

Marya is responsible for global marketing and partner programs, brand management, and sponsorships. Prior to joining Zailab, she worked in strategic partner marketing and enterprise sales in the SaaS realm. Marya’s creativity, drive, and strategic leadership are prime enablers in Zailab’s global expansion.

As for Forrest, we did not think it was possible for someone to personify our vision, values and passion until he joined the team. Forrest is passionate about enabling digital transformation and brings with him a vast portfolio in global and channel sales.

Since then we have opened the doors to two stellar Channel Directors: Beth Herman and Spencer Parikh, as well as our own Philip van der Merwe who bid farewell to Marketing to join the channel team as Sales Account Manager.

Watch the highlights from Marya and Forrest’s first visit to the company’s development hub in Cape Town, South Africa.


Watch the highlights from Michael and Steve’s trip to Cape Town.