On the Road With the ZaiTruck – the Journey So Far

When our CEO asked us to build a futuristic space truck in six months, we didn’t ask why. We asked, when do we start?

One year and four months later, our CEO’s crazy idea has exceeded everyone’s expectations. But before we get into that, let’s talk a little about the ZaiTruck itself.

The ZaiTruck – a custom-designed space vehicle built atop a solid MAN KAT 6×6 chassis – represented everything Zailab CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub wanted to achieve with his software. He wanted to start conversations, he wanted Zailab to go where no company had ever gone before. And the ZaiTruck certainly ticks those boxes – people can’t stop talking about it, and it can go anywhere.

The Zailab industrial design team worked hand in hand with engineers to put it all together, one piece at a time. And every component was made by hand. The team learned how to clad so they could clad it themselves. They learned how to bend metal, put in glass. And you know what? They did it and everyone cheered, because it proved we could do anything. Watch that fascinating documentary here.

Since then the ZaiTruck has become more than a mascot for the company, representing not only Nour Addine’s vision but everything we stand for as a team. We don’t back down from challenges and we know we’re capable of taking over the world.

Nour Addine lent the truck to his humanitarian project, Voices of Humanity, to record rewarding conversations across the world. He and his team traveled from Cape Town to Cairo, through Namibia, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan, only stopping for a break so Nour Addine could lead the Zailab team up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Next, it crossed the ocean to Europe, becoming something of a celebrity on Belgian television. A few weeks ago it landed in the USA, where it’s waiting for the rest of the team to arrive for yet another road trip of a lifetime starting at Enterprise Connect.

We’re about to launch our software in the big, wide world, and we couldn’t – no, wouldn’t – do it without the ZaiTruck. Intrepid travelers need transport after all. We work in a spaceship, so of course our overland vehicle would be equally amazeballs.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you’re in the States, keep your eyes peeled for the ZaiTruck. If not, well, we’ll get to your corner of the world eventually.