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Our Most Recent and Exciting Updates – February 2018

We’ve rolled out a lot of crazy cool online contact center platform updates since our last release-note update – but most of it has happened under the hood.

January and February have been incredibly busy months for us. This is because, as you’ve no doubt heard us mention about a trillion times, we’re launching in the USA in— oh, like in a week or so. We’re ridiculously excited.

Here are some of the most pivotal software updates we’ve been working on.


New pricing

We overhauled the pricing of our online contact center platform to make it fairer and easier to understand.

On the fairness side, we’ve started billing per second on solution costs (call rates, dictated by our service providers, are something we’re still working on). This means that interactions under a minute don’t get charged at a full minute. That means a lot of saved dollars.

Meanwhile we’ve simplified our costing model quite drastically. We’re now charging for (most!) features based on the duration of their usage rather than the number of times. So, for example, where previously we charged a fixed price for each QA task you performed, now we charge for the amount of time spent performing QA tasks.

We think it’s pretty neat.


The first pass of our machine learning algorithm

Yes! We’ve deployed the beginnings of our routing AI. For now it’s sitting there, lurking in the corner like a shy person at a party. Y’know, just watching stuff.

But once it’s gathered enough intel, it’s going to step forward and bust out some super crazy dance moves and become the life of the party and everybody will be like ‘Whoa who is that sexy beast anyway?’

That’s how it’s going to be.


Scalability updates

This is big. Really, really big. Because y’know those deploys we’ve been doing three times a week for a while now? Those ones where we have to take the system down overnight? Yeah, those are two millimeters away from being a thing of the past.

We’re super close to 24–7 uptime. By the time we launch in the US, we’ll be able to deploy our new features and bug fixes without the system so much as squeaking.

This is a huge milestone for us.


Routing visualization

On the cusp of deployment, our routing visualizer will give you a bird’s-eye view on who’s in your waiting room, how they’re being prioritized, and which agents they’re being pegged for in one easy view.

It’s pretty mesmerizing, we’re not gonna lie.


Revamped sign-up

We’ve improved our sign-up and onboarding process, making it both simpler and more transparent.

We already pride ourselves on how easy it is to get up and running with our online contact center platform. This sign-up rework is a step toward making that process even easier. Before long the system will practically set itself up.

The whole point is that we do the work so you don’t have to.