ZaiTruck Gets People Talking Across Africa

When our fearless leader first devised the idea of a futuristic overland vehicle, he had no idea what adventures were in store for his team.

Remember the awesome space truck created by our amazing team of industrial designers? Oh, you know the one —  the 18-tonne repurposed military 6×6 MAN KAT that looks like it came straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Yes, that one.

Where is it you wonder? It’s currently rumbling its way across the Sudan. Why? We’re so glad you asked.

As you know, Zailab has its own unique take on contact center software. With us, it’s all about the rewarding conversation. And what better way to start a conversation than a futuristic space track? Yeah.

But it goes deeper than that. Our CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub wanted the ZaiTruck’s inaugural journey to go beyond advertising our brand — he wanted to spread the message of rewarding conversations across the African continent. To achieve this, he decided to partner the ZaiTruck with his humanitarian project Voices of Humanity, which records the lived experience of a wide spectrum of people.

The Voices of Humanity project forms part of the Ayyoub Foundation and celebrates diversity, humanity and aims to better the lives of everyone through technology and artificial intelligence. You can read more about this incredible project here.


The ZaiTruck strikes a pose on the Equator

Our CEO set off with fellow Zailab space-cadets Dominique Vandenhoudt (videographer) and Roelf Mulder (industrial designer) in September. So far they’ve barrelled through Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania, having incredible conversations along the way.

It’s been nothing short of an adventure – an adventure beset by electronic failure, flat tires and potholes from hell – but nothing can keep a good truck down. Oh, did we mention the team had a quick pit stop to scale Mount Kilimanjaro? Yeah, that happened. (We think that deserves a post all of its own.)

But back to the rewarding conversations part. In each place they visit, the team poses 10 questions to extraordinary individuals, which they record for the Voices of Humanity website. And what about our conversation cloud software, you may ask? Anyone interested is welcome to check out the cutting-edge contact center capabilities using the vehicle’s on-board computers.

It’s all about the conversation, really. We love getting people talking.

So where will the ZaiTruck go next? We’re back to where we started: it’s currently making its way across Sudan, on its way to Egypt. After that we’re taking it to America for the Enterprise Connect Expo taking place in Orlando in March.

But don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about that adventure soon enough.