Red Chair Interview: Roelf Mulder, Director, Industrial Design

‘Design thinking can no longer be ignored,’ says Zailab director of Industrial Design, Roelf Mulder.

Roelf took a break from the industrial design department to share his insight on design with the Zailab Red Chair crew. Roelf and his team are the geniuses behind Zailab’s jaw-dropping exhibition stands at events like Enterprise Connect and CCW, as well the custom-designed contact center hardware that graces the Zailab support center and BPO.

They were also the team behind the incredible Zailab mascot – the ZaiTruck. Watch the making of video now. 

‘Design is integral to everything that we do and the most progressive companies in the world embrace design,’ explains Roelf. ‘Design thinking teaches business people to think like designers and to have a holistic view of trends and what’s happening around them.’