zailab office

The Zailab Office: A Fantastic Conversation Starter

Take a closer look inside the Zailab office space in Cape Town. 

The Zailab development hub in Cape Town, South Africa is truly a sight to behold, and visually represents founder and CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub’s love of technology and sci-fi.

The aesthetic was conceptualized by Nour Addine himself, who alongside a team of local architects transformed the office space on the 10th floor of gigantic Portside Tower into the interior of a spacecraft.

Zailab staff exit the lift on to hangar-style corridors – illuminated by neon LED panels and lined with monitors screening videos and celestial imagery – before entering the futuristic open space environment through doors that soundlessly glide open.

For Nour Addine, it was a conscious decision to create an environment that would attract the right people and inspire creativity. ‘In the tech industry people work hard, and I wanted an attractive workplace that would make them excited to come in every day and do their best. Because I invest in my team, they are creative and productive. In that respect, it is the best investment you can make.’

Inspired by sci-fi films such as Oblivion and Tron, design elements include custom-built panels that separate each section of the office, glass-encased meeting rooms bathed in a reactive phosphorescent glow, and a minimalist communal dining area illuminated in the same Tron-style lighting. Even the desks and chairs throughout the Zailab office were designed to suit the theme.


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