Zailab team meet Helen Zille

Premier Helen Zille Visits the Zailab Community Contact Center

Earlier this year, Zailab founder and CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub welcomed Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille to the site of Zailab’s community-run contact center in Delft, a project that was more of a year in the making.

In collaboration with the Ayyoub Foundation and Home of Compassion, Zailab opened the doors of the Western Cape’s first community-run contact center in Delft in February 2018, proudly powered by Zailab’s cloud-based contact center solution.

The center provides training and employment to members of the community, many of whom spend a lot of time and money commuting to contact center jobs in the city.

By establishing a contact center in the community, residents not only have the opportunity to work closer to home, but they will also receive training and skills to further their careers in the contact center industry.

It was a long-time dream of Zailab founder and CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub to give back to the community in this way and improve the quality of life of the people who depend on contact centers for employment. The Delft contact center has been in development for more than a year and is today completely operational.

In April, Nour Addine welcomed Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille to the site. After meeting the team and touring the facility she had plenty of praise for the project.

‘It’s an extraordinary new concept which could change many people’s lives. It is taking a job that is usually concentrated very far from where the agents live into their community and into their homes. Technology is really transforming the world but more importantly, it is transforming the lives of vulnerable individuals and this is what’s so inspiring about this project today!’


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