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How to use Our Campaign Manager Feature for Marketing Promotions

A campaign manager solution is the best tool in the marketer’s belt. Not only does it give your campaign wings, but it can also help you understand your customer’s journey better.

Here’s the story.

Your marketing team just conceptualized the most epically brilliant campaign for your Christmas promotion. For every purchase from your festive catalog, your company will send the exact same product to any recipient of your customer’s choosing.

It is a buy one, get one free offer full of feelgood vibes and positive energy. Your outbound sales team is excited. The coffers are practically jingling.

As a campaign manager, you can help your marketing team convert by using our intelligent campaign tools to create an outbound calling campaign for this promotion. In minutes.

But this feature can help you do so much more than that.

You will be able to:

  • Build outbound campaigns with just a few clicks
  • Feed prospects to your representatives strategically
  • Route calls intelligently
  • Trace campaign performance with live statistics
  • Optimize future campaigns with detailed reporting

It is all about the executing and tracking.

Step 1: Sign in to Zailab as Campaign Manager

Sign in to using your Campaign Manager credentials. You will be taken to your campaign manager dashboard, which provides you with a list of all the campaigns in your organization.

You will also see the overall statistics attached to those campaigns, including how many contacts still need to be served and how many are pending.

Clicking on a campaign tile will give you all the data relating to that specific campaign.

Step 2: Create your campaign

Create your new campaign by clicking the plus sign icon (+) on the right-hand side of the screen. Then name your campaign. It is as simple as that.


Step 3: Add Your Prospects

This is the list you would like your outbound agents to contact. Simply open your new campaign tile and click on the plus sign icon (+) to add a new list.

You will need to name the list, attach a reference for tracking purposes and select the work item that must be created in the waiting room. (This work item defines the profile of the agent that will be served from the prospects list for best client-agent matching.)


Finally, upload your list.

Your prospects will now be served to your agents. Priority will be based on business value or other pre-defined factors.

Step 4: Track Campaign Performance

Once your campaign has run its course, you can download a variety of reports to get a better understanding of your campaign.


For example:

Daily or monthly Agent reports can give you a breakdown of how many calls were handled by your agents as well as their outcomes.

The Prospects report shows you, prospect by prospect, who you are targeting, which agents spoke to them, as well as the final outcome of those interactions.

These reports can also help marketers understand customer buying habits. The Conversations report, for example, can help marketers delve into the details of the conversation in order to populate their customer journey maps.

So not only will your marketing team be able to study the data for continuous improvement, they will also be able to determine which leads need nurturing, re-engagement or a little extra encouragement.

It couldn’t be easier for a campaign manager to create their campaign using our contact center solution. In fact, because it is cloud-based, a campaign manager could potentially run the entire campaign themselves, provided they do not mind wearing more than one hat (and have the time to dial each and every lead.) But for best results, we recommend letting your expert agents handle that side of things for you.

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