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How to add Some Festive Spirit in your Call Center

It’s that time of year. Love Actually is being screened on repeat, the local supermarket is unrecognizable beneath all the tinsel and YouTube tutorials on how to make the perfect cranberry sauce are being shared across social feeds.

For sales teams, the festive season is a big selling period. It is also the time of year that energy and morale are at their lowest. The last thing a contact center manager should do is adopt a business as usual attitude.

By sprinkling a little festive cheer around the office, you can not only improve morale, but also add that competitive boost your teams need to see them through to the end of the year.

Inspire their Creativity

Nothing kills the festive spirit faster than walking into a corporate office without so much as a single sprig of plastic mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Give your team the task of jollying up the place for the last few weeks of December. It is a great way to lift your employees’ spirits and allows them to add some creative flair to their workplace.

Another great idea is to stoke the competitive fires a little by making it into a contest. The team that decorates their area the best wins a reward. Think of it as a team building activity that costs you next to nothing.

Besides, who can resist the sight of a gorgeous Christmas tree? Even if it is in the middle of the customer service floor. Even the grinchiest of scrooges will be moved.

Celebrate Together

The best way to end the year is to celebrate your business’s achievements over the last twelve months. This includes acknowledging your team’s achievements and rewarding them. The traditional team lunch is still the best way to close off the business year – everybody sitting around the table, wearing their jauntily-angled paper party hats. It is a golden opportunity to thank the entire team and to acknowledge individual team members who went above and beyond during the past year.

Not everyone can be the Top Salesperson of the year, so why not recognize your agents for other, more personal achievements, no matter how small? Ask your supervisors to pinpoint the stars in their team. Awards for Best Attendance, Friendliest Voice, Best Closer, Most Requested Agent, Most Customer Compliments etc. are all worthy of recognition.

Not all businesses can afford to pay out bonuses or thirteenth cheques, but being recognized by the boss in front of your peers – that’s priceless.

It’s the Time of Giving After All

As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Dull yes, and according to Time, unproductive and more prone to illness. The festive season is a time of giving and the best gift you can give your employees is a kind word and the freedom to enjoy the season.

For those with a spot of spare change to spend, a small token of appreciation in the form of a staff gift can never go wrong.

And chances are, when 2019 rolls around, your employees will be motivated and raring to go (and probably still talking about how amazing that office Christmas party was.)

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