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A Day in the Life at Zailab: Software Developer Adrian van den Houten

A Day in the Life takes a closer look into the lives of the Zailab staff – by following them around with a camera.

Our people are everything. Today we are focusing on one of the youngest crew members at Starship Zailab, software developer Adrian van den Houten.

When he is not hard at work with the team developing our cloud-based contact center solution or blogging about his love of coding, you will probably find Adrian on the beach (but not for the reason you think.) Adrian has been volunteering his services as a lifeguard since 2014.

Adrian’s lifelong passion for the craft began when he participated in junior lifesaving competitions as a child. ‘I continued with lifesaving because I always enjoyed that feeling of being part of a team. Later it became a way of helping the community,’ he says.

One thing is for sure, our team wouldn’t be the same without Adrian.

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Watch the video to see Adrian in action.