3 Critical Call Center Metrics for Successful Outbound Campaigns

By far the biggest factor in the success or failure of your campaigns over time is not your outbound call center solution, it is whether and what you measure.

This is not a particularly shocking statement – it is kinda like saying the biggest factor in the success or failure of driving your is not blindfolding yourself before you hit the road. (We do hope you agree on that point.)

Unlike driving, though, it’s not always super clear what you should be looking at when you’re navigating the murky waters of running an outbound campaign.

Running straight on from our previous article – on the merciful if prolonged death of the traditional report – we’re going to share three key metrics we’ve gleaned from our research. (These are obviously in addition to fundamental metrics such as conversion rate.)

1. Rate of right-party contact

Represented as a ratio of calls that reached a decision-maker versus those that did not – be that because the phone was not answered or the wrong person was reached – if you track only one thing, this should probably be it.

The most immediate why should be pretty obvious (this will help you get a bead on the overall quality of your leads), and indeed we bet you’re already measuring this. But the real pay-off is the number of other measurements that rely on this figure.

We’ll get into two of those next.

2. Times of right-party contact

This is an absolutely critical metric. Knowing your right-party-contact rate will show you how well you’re doing on actually reaching people, yes.

But – if you will allow us to keep bending the car metaphor until it suffers a catastrophic breakdown – by itself it’s about has helpful as using your odometer to figure out if you’re within the speed limit. Or something.

So, seriously, keep close tabs on when you’re hitting those right-party contacts. This will help you focus your efforts and prevent wasting your time.

All of which will come in handy when you take into account the next point.

3. Revenue per right-party contact

We’re going to assume you’re trying to make money in some way with your outbound campaigns. A surprising number of people make a crucial mistake in this regard: they don’t measure the revenue they make per right-party contact.

Note that we’re emphatically not saying revenue per conversion. We’re referring to what will almost certainly be a much more diluted number (and if it isn’t, please tell us your secrets, senpai.)

And if you’ve got a team of highly trained salespeople in your employ, well look we know that doesn’t come cheap. It’s important to know at every stage how much you’re burning off before you actually make a sale.

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