New And Improved Reporting Is Here

You asked and we answered. Our latest update to Zailab’s cloud-based contact center solution is all about reporting. And you’re going to love it.

Last week, we rolled out an exciting reporting update, designed to make drawing reports easier and more flexible and your life a lot simpler.

With more detailed reports, you will be able to deep dive into the operations of your contact center and gain greater insight than ever before on key metrics like call and interaction volumes and agent performance.

Here’s what we changed:

The report-download view is now more user-friendly and allows for multiple time zones and more flexible reporting periods.

That detail we mentioned? Agent-, interaction- and department-related reports now deal with calls, emails and SMS texts separately, allowing you to get a more specific view of your interactions.

In the Interaction Log report, you will be able to see the life cycle of an interaction from A-Z. For example, if a call comes in and is dropped by Agent A, picked up by Agent B and transferred to Agent C, you will be able to see each Agent’s participation in that call. This reporting feature works across all channels and roles.

Reports on agent presence, as well as the frequency of logging in and out, are now available, so you will be able to see how long your agents have been on duty, on break, et cetera. You will also be able to see why an Agent didn’t respond to an interaction.

Agent activity and comparison reports will also be handled in different ways.

The reporting section has been split into the following tabs:

  • Agents
  • Waiting Room
  • Interactions
  • Quality Assessment
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Campaigns
  • Archived (existing users only)

This reporting update also makes it easier to pull specific statistics, eg, how long an agent took to answer.

Note: Owing to the structure of these new reports, they are not backward-compatible – meaning they will not carry any data from before 27 May. You can still access this data using the deprecated reports, which have been grouped under the Archived tab.

For more information about our latest updates visit our Knowledge Base

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