Contact center in Delft

The Making of a Contact Center Video: the Delft Documentary

In collaboration with a fiercely passionate and capable community organization in Cape Town’s Delft, Zailab is putting together an utterly cutting-edge contact center powered by our cloud-based call center solution. The impact this will have on the community can’t be understated – enough so that it’s the topic of an upcoming documentary.

Watch the video now to see the latest developments from this uplifting project.

About the Delft project

Contact center solutions company Zailab, in collaboration with the Zoë Incubation Center, is in the process of building a world-class contact center in the heart of the community of Delft which aims to upskill, train and provide much-needed employment for residents from the community and surrounding areas. Finally, agents will be able to work closer to home, cut down on commuting costs and spend more time with their families. Residents that have been unable to find employment, including retired individuals and the mobility-impaired, will finally be able to access decent work and earn a living wage.

Watch this space for more news about the world-class contact center and training facility being built in Delft.


Update: The Zailab contact center in Delft was officially opened in February 2018. Read about the launch here.