One week to Go Till Customer Contact Week (CCW)

We’ve got some exciting plans for our visit to CCW. It’s all very hush hush, but what we can say is, it’s going to be big. Very big.

In just over one week, the world’s largest customer contact event, CCW, kicks off in Las Vegas. We’re beyond excited for several reasons.

  1. It’s Las Vegas, baby.
  2. We’ve got some killer presentations ready to wow the crowd.
  3. Our stand is going to knock your socks off faster than Penn & Teller.
  4. We’ll be announcing more details about our partnership with VoiceBase.
  5. We’re unveiling a new feature that we’ve been keeping under wraps.

Phew. No wonder we’re all screaming ‘Are we there yet?’

The ZaiTruck is already en route with some crew members for its Las Vegas debut. The rest of the team will join up with our CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub on site to meet delegates and answer questions, demo our cloud-based contact center software, introduce what Starship Zailab is all about and hold the camera for anyone wanting to take a photo with the ZaiTruck (this isn’t our first rodeo – the ZaiTruck all but stole the show at Enterprise Connect.)

We’ll also be revealing more details about our partnership with AI-powered voice analytics trailblazer VoiceBase. What we can tell you is that this collaboration is going to drive a new era of real-time interaction insight which will make our routing algorithm even more out of this world.

‘Imagine if you could read your customer’s mind over the phone,’ says Zailab product owner Catherine Collins. ‘That’s the sort of thing we’re talking about – but it’s only a part of what we’re talking about. With so much competition around, customer loyalty is starting to boil down to the companies they legitimately trust and like. Coupled with our easy setup, our AI-governed routing and consumption-based pricing, this development means great things for businesses – especially smaller businesses – that want a significant edge in this new affection economy.’

For those unfamiliar with our single waiting room, our routing algorithm uses machine learning to prioritize interactions and match them to the agents most likely to result in a first-call resolution.

Join us at booth Q from 18–22 June for a first-hand demonstration of how it works, as well as the lowdown on our brand new feature currently in development.

Book your demo and get an Echo Dot

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See you in Vegas!