loaf of bread

What Contact Centers Have in Common With a Loaf of Bread

Or: hey, you can buy credit for our cloud-based contact center solution online now. For really.

I’m going to take a flyer and assume that you have, at some point in your life, bought a loaf of bread, or say a life-size poster of Deepak Chopra because you’re only human after all.

It wasn’t always this easy to come by bread. Until relatively recently families just baked their own. What a drag, you’re thinking, and you’re totally right.

Whoa now that’s two paragraphs on bread. I beg your forgiveness. I mean, what is this, a history of milled wheat?


Here’s the point

The transformation of bread into a commodity was quite a step, but now it’s kinda hard to imagine it any other way. At ZaiLab, we think the same thing should happen with the contact center. Which is what led us to develop Zailab. 

That probably comes across as a weird thing to say. I just read it myself and I was like, what?

But yeah. Let’s say you’re a small business and you want the sort of high-quality always-on client care usually available only to companies that can afford to replace their toilet paper with golden bowls of truffle butter. Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk into your nearest supermarket and grab a contact-center card like you would an iTunes gift voucher or a prepaid SIM?

It would be great.


Here’s what we’re doing about it

Look, we’re not there yet – but we’re on the way. The first step was to set up a usage-based payment model for Zailab through which you only pay for what you use. Done deal.

We’ve just taken the second step: buying online with a top-up system, pay-as-you-go style.

If you know how contact centers usually work, this’ll be a bit of a ‘whoa there Nelly’ moment. If you don’t know, you might wonder what all the fuss is.


Allow us to explain

Usually it takes weeks, nay, months to set up a contact-center solution. Consultants are consulted. Vast Sahara-size questionnaires are meticulously filled out. Boxes are ticked. Signatures are tattooed straight onto the left ventricle of your heart.

Then: the bill. A year upfront. It’s cripplingly expensive stuff, and cripplingly complicated.

Let’s stop just a moment to think about the cleverness of anti-design: we’re told over and over that design should clarify, simplify, improve. But the truth is, design that does just the opposite pays more if you market it right.

That’s because intentionally poor design props up a dependency structure – ‘you need to pay us more so we can help you through the agony of doing this incredibly hard thing’. Uh, yeah.

It’s a lie. Yes, this stuff is hard. But people are making it harder than it needs to be because, hey, who wouldn’t want to manufacture a lucrative vein of expertise?


Whoa there Nelly

So yeah. We have a contact-center solution that you can set up (by yourself) in a matter of minutes. With Zailab software you get full and instant access the moment you sign up. You only pay for what you use. And, now, you can buy credit online.

We’re not going to lie: we’re feeling pretty smug about this.