Mandela Day

Zailab Celebrates Mandela Day in Delft

South African businesses celebrate Mandela Day by using 67 minutes to give back to the community. The 67 minutes signify every year of Nelson Mandela’s public service. The day itself, typically celebrated on 18 July every year, is held in honour of former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

For Mandela Day, cloud-based contact center solutions provider Zailab partnered with its social impact partner, Home of Compassion, to distribute food to the needy residents of Delft, the site of Zailab’s future community-run contact center, whose agents will be trained to use Zailab’s omnichannel platform.

Led by founder and CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub, the Zailab crew boarded the ZaiTruck to make their special deliveries to residents and school children.

The community-run contact center, powered by Zailab’s cloud-based contact center solution, was officially opened in February 2018.