ZaiLab routing

How our Call Center Routing Algorithm is Like Modern Love

When you’re talking call center routing, the last thing on your mind is love. Or is it?

Since it’s (ugh) Valentine’s Day in the (ugh) month of (ugh) love (ugh), we figured it would be a great idea to cash in like every other blog in the multiverse and publish this sickly sweet heart-riddled comparison between our agent-matching algorithms and, you know, dating or whatever.

So yeah, let’s totally unironically do that. You ready? Because we sure are. We are so ready for this.

So ready.


1. It’s like speed dating for the aromantic

Is speed dating even still a thing? Was it ever a thing, or some act of fiction we just pulled from the collective unconscious when the world got too bored with superheating the atmosphere?

We’ll never know. But we do know that speed is highly correlated with romantic satisfaction.

That’s exactly why we developed our routing algorithm specifically to connect the most important people with an agent faster than you can say ‘Oh my gravy boat did I remember to buy Susan flowers?’

This is because our call center routing algorithm pays attention. It’s like:

All right you lot, which one of you got here first? Not so fast – I know for a fact that Mr Johnson has been here every day this week, and anyway look at how devilishly handsome Mr Johnson is. Yes, Mr Johnson, do come this way. No, no, forget them. Shhhh. It’s your turn to be the VIP, Mr Johnson.

Whoa that got odd. But yeah, it’s like that? Only it involves super-romantic things like blended channel-agnostic routing, which is literally the worst way in the world to describe a system that pops every interaction – be it a call or a smoke signal, be it inbound or outbound – into a single pool and then sorts through them like a very picky but efficient person looking for blue M&M’s.

Dating, everybody. It’s just mega weird.


2. It aims for max, uh, satisfaction

You know what would really suck? Having to go on a blind date with a strange random person teleported from basically anywhere in the world and into a bistro with terrible – nay, soul-eviscerating – music.

That, everybody, would be terrible, like a real-life version of Chatroulette and good grief why are we even mentioning Chatroulette what is wrong with us?

Anyway, we digress. If you guessed that we were alluding to the bizarre random nature of calling, say, a contact center, you’d be oh so absolutely one million percent correct.

Because really, imagine having to talk to this random human on the phone. If the thought of talking on the phone even at the best of times doesn’t fill your heart with needles of ice, you ought to know that it definitely does that to your customers.

No, we’re not about that life. If a contact center call has to be like a blind date, at least let it be like a blind date organized by that friend of yours who has great taste in potential partners.

That’s pretty much what we’re aiming for with our routing (okay, without the romance schmomance stuff, we guess). We want customers – or leads – to be matched up with the absolute best agents possible.

This means taking into account the business value of the client versus the success rating of the agent. It means paying attention to agent rating scores, or simply remembering which agent dealt with the client in the past. It means, eventually, paying attention to demographics and preferences to get a bead on compatibility.

We’re kinda hoping this algo can hook us up sometime soon. [Sigh. –Ed]


3. Roses are red, violets are oh god

Do you know what else our routing AI can do? It can write poetry. Beautiful, sprawling epics in iambic pentameter. Sparkling dadaist limericks about squirrels. The odd pun-punting punishment piece. It can even pull of stunningly romant—

Oh no wait we’ve heard back from the dev team and it absolutely can’t do any of this. Not yet, at least. Stand by for the procedural poetry module in Q3 of 2022.