Another Awesome Year at Spaceship Zailab

It has been a crazy 12 months at the mothership. We built, we explored, we celebrated. Long story short, we had a great year.

But we’ll let you read all about it.

Our virtual contact center solution went from awesome to super-awesome

Our team worked hard behind the scenes to create a solution we can all be proud of – including some pretty neat new features.

This year we released outbound campaign management, plus we introduced multiple contact card capabilities. All the interactions you’ve had with a customer will be grouped together on the contact card. Plus, you can select a different channel (SMS or email) to interact with the customer during the call.

We also made improvements in our waiting room that’s made routing faster, more resilient and ultra-reliable. We love it. As for our customers, they absolutely love support chat that gives them instant access to help when they need it.


We are building a contact center in Delft

With the idea of creating employment and community development in mind, we partnered with the Zoe Incubation Centre and broke ground on a state-of-the-art contact center in Delft, Western Cape.

The project is close to completion, with specially designed ZaiPods scheduled for delivery and talks with partners being wrapped up right now. The doors are scheduled to open in February next year.

This is all very happy-making as the opportunities this opens for the area and community are huge. The contact center will employ 60 agents, with plenty of skilled roles that will need to be filled.

We can’t wait.

Zailab won 3 industry awards

We’re super proud of our 2017 Sub-Saharan African Visionary Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. So shiny. We’ve put it right next to our 2016 Visionary Innovation Leadership and Best Practice Awards.

We love Frost & Sullivan. Especially when they say nice things about us:

‘Zailab differentiates itself from its competitors by using technology to promote a change in organizational psychology and behavior,’ states Frost & Sullivan research analyst, George Etheredge. ‘Zailab empowers agents, a key element in tailoring customer satisfaction.’

Not to blow our own trumpet (well no actually totally to blow our own trumpet) but we were also awarded the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award by B2B comparison website Finances Online. (You’ll find us under the ‘call center’ section.) We’re mad chuffed – ZaiConversations was given a 100% user satisfaction review and we were included in the top 200 customer support products.

Not too shabby.

We adventured hard

Now for the crazy part. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you’ll know all about our amazing Zailab adventures. We hiked Fish River Canyon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, race-walked across Robben Island, and drove the massive ZaiTruck from Cape Town to Cairo. It’s been fun.

Watch this space for more amazing adventures in the new year. (In March year we’re attending the Enterprise Connect expo in Orlando, USA – taking place right next to Disneyland. Just saying.)

Our office starred in a music video

Production houses really dig our office. Who wouldn’t? Everyone who knows our CEO Nour Addine knows his love of sci-fi, so naturally, the office had to be designed accordingly.

For those who don’t know, spaceship Zailab was inspired by movies like Oblivion and Tron, and design elements include custom-built panels that separate each section of the office, glass-encased meeting rooms bathed in a reactive phosphorescent glow, and a minimalist cafeteria illuminated in the same Tron-style lighting.

There could be no better location for hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest’s ultra-futurist Destiny video, which has already had more than one million views on YouTube.

Recognizee our cafeteria in this video?



Watch this space for news in the year ahead. We’ve got some big plans on the cards for our virtual contact center solution. And more adventures probably.

But mostly, we’re sure it’s just going to be awesome.