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3 Things the Corner Bakery Can Teach Your Customer Experience

Let’s take a moment to talk about cake. Cake is delicious. Everyone loves cake. It makes people happy. In fact, cake makes everything better doesn’t it?

We want you to imagine your customer experience (CX) as a cake. You want your customers to be happy. You want them to recommend your deliciously gooey business to their friends and family and post about it on social media.

Just like with baking, it’s all about following the right recipe. Get the batter right and you end up with a sparkling rainbow unicorn cake of awesome.

1. A vanilla sponge makes a great base

All great confectionery masterpieces need a good base. Underneath every three-tiered creation is a simple vanilla sponge cake, made to exacting standards. Why a vanilla sponge? Because of trial and error and knowing what works and what doesn’t. In your contact center, this is your data.

According to the Forbes article Transforming the Customer Experience, a strong foundation is essential to keep your CX from flopping. Data gives you a complete view of your customer and allows you to craft a personalized customer experience, much like that pink tyrannosaurus rex cake your daughter wanted for her sixth birthday. This data can be in the form of your competitor research, customer feedback surveys, customer research, web analytics and journey maps.

2. Some customers prefer chocolate to buttercream

When presented with an assortment of delicious cupcakes, which one do your customers prefer?

Customer preference plays a crucial role in the omnichannel contact center. Do your customers prefer emailing to picking up the phone? Do they use social media to air their grievances?

Identifying the channels your customers are using to contact your business should play a key part in your CX efforts. After all, if your customer always picks the chocolate cupcake, why on earth would you offer them the vanilla?

It’s about taking a customer-centric approach to the way you run your business.

3. Consistent service will keep your customers coming back for more

What sets your business apart from the bakery across the street? If your answer is brand loyalty ding ding ding.

How do your customers feel about your business? Do you greet them by name? Do you deliver a consistent service that never disappoints?

According to data pulled from a Forrester customer service trends report, 69% of US shoppers return to retailers that offer consistent customer service. Poor customer service causes consumers to abandon intended purchases, which caused an estimated $62 billion in lost sales in the US in 2015.

Take a moment to read the McKinsey article The CEO guide to customer experience for some excellent pointers from the best in the business. We’ve cut out a slice we want to leave as a final thought. Look at your customer’s end-to-end-journey with your business, identify their pain points and improve those steps that make up the journey.

It’s all about delighting your customers.

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