Why Even your Neighborhood Pizza Delivery Service Can Benefit From Zailab

We love to shout from the rooftops about how our cloud-based contact center solution can benefit even the smallest business. Now we want to tell you how.

When you think of a contact center, do you imagine a sprawling open-plan office filled with neat lines of cubicles manned by a small army of agents clad in headsets? That’s the accepted picture of a contact center. Or the Death Star. (But that’s a different movie altogether. Isn’t it?)

This army of agents acts as the voice of a company, the first point of contact. A well-organized contact center brings massive value to the table. But it’s not only large organizations that score from contact center infrastructure. Any business, no matter the size or scale, can benefit from adopting contact center best practice.

Yes, even Mario’s Pizza down the road.

Here’s a hypothetical question: do you have an accounts or customer service department that deals with customer queries on a daily basis? Here’s another: does your business receive a large (even a largeish) number of inbound calls? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you’ll definitely benefit from contact center software.

Why? Good question.

Our CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub believes client services are a thing in all businesses, no matter the size. ‘Whether you’re dealing with someone over the counter or the phone, you’re communicating with your customers,’ says Nour Addine. ‘Small businesses have never had access to enterprise-level solutions, so they don’t even consider it. But even the smallest travel agency uses a mailbox message to disclose their operating hours, or interactive voice responses (IVR) in their telephony system. This type of business can benefit from features designed to make communicating with their customers easier.’

Sound good? It gets better. In addition to optimizing how you communicate, contact center software gives you complete control over the customer-facing side of business, basically acting as your ear on the ground.

For example, call monitoring and customer satisfaction surveys show you exactly what your customers are saying and how they’re feeling.

We know what you’re thinking. How sweet. Right?

Wrong. The correct response is: how valuable.

Because this information allows you to do several things.

1. You can identify measurables to improve performance
Call monitoring, call drop rates and surveys show you where your training gaps are, and help you identify areas that need improvement. This in turn improves your staff’s career growth prospects and retention.

2. You can improve your brand reputation
Identifying common customer sticking points means you’re able to anticipate issues early and resolve queries quickly. Showing you’re on the ball is one of the best ways to shine a positive spotlight on your brand.

3. You can successfully implement omnichannel engagement
This is a big one. Having an eye on your communication channels is essential and enables you to resolve queries quickly and effectively, and map your customer’s experience with your brand holistically. Effective relationship management suddenly becomes a real possibility.

4. You can get on top of time management
Are your PABX users run off their feet? Is your answer to simply hire more staff? Contact center solutions can arm you with call volumes, call duration, type of call, call drop rates and call frequency, to give you a better indication of how to effectively handle your customer queries without being plain inefficient.

But the biggest why of all has to be: why wouldn’t you want to know how your staff are talking to your customers?

But wait there’s more. ‘Imagine if you run a pizza delivery business and a call comes in,’ Nour Addine says. ‘The first question you ask is the customer’s telephone number. With ZaiLab’s software, as soon as your customer calls in, not only will their number appear but also their entire ordering history. You will be able to greet that customer by name, and even anticipate their order – all on a pay-as-you-go basis.’ (That last refers to the fact that our software is charged according to the features you use, as you use them.)

‘And all you need is an Internet connection.’

No matter whether it’s a bank, a travel agency, a university or an NPO, a company that takes an innovative approach to its communication will reap the benefits. This includes adopting what works from contact centers.

And the good news is, that’s no longer a luxury only big enterprises can afford. With Zailab, anyone can.

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