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Did You Miss Our Latest Platform Updates?

We just released some exciting updates to our contact center solution, making running your entire contact center online even easier.

Inline Email Images

It is now possible for agents to attach images to their outgoing emails. A new easy-to-use control has been added to the rich-text menu bar to allow for the insertion of images into outgoing emails.

Personal Mailboxes

You can now set up a personal voicemail box for your extension alongside general mailboxes.

Reporting UI

Our reporting section has been given a makeover. Our new reporting types are labeled ‘new’; you will find the reports you are used to under the associated tabs. The tabs are structured much like the old reporting view, but are much cleaner and more intuitive.

Low-Balance Notifications (BETA)

We know you are going to love our latest BETA feature. Administrators can now set the point at which they would like to receive low-balance notifications. This helps ensure your account does not inadvertently run out of credit.

Look for the Recharge Trigger in the Accounts section of your Administrator Dashboard.

Note: This functionality is in beta, and currently available only to certain customers.

Changes to Live Dashboard

On the Live Dashboard, Total Missed Count has been added to the Not Handled Widget, showing how many calls routed to the agent were disconnected.

Total Calls Forwarded Count has also been added to the Not Handled Widget, showing the total number of calls that exited the call flow and were forwarded to a specified number.

Notification Tones

Here is an update we are super excited about. Sound and Chrome notifications have been added to Incoming interactions. The agent will now hear a tone when they have not responded to any of the following interactions:

  • Call
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Prospect
  • Callback
  • Reminder

Rich Text Controls

Agents can access rich text controls when they are drafting an email from the contact card. Alongside this, the agent tab will now play an alert sound when the agent enters the Not Responding state.

Call-Recording Pause and Resume (BETA)

Agents can now pause and resume call recording while they capture sensitive information such as credit card details. With this release your organization may attain full PCI compliance using Zailab’s platform.

To opt-in for this functionality,contact the Zailab support team.

Read more about the latest updates to our contact center solution on our Knowledge Base.